Employee of the Month: Valerie Jones

Employee of the month is Valerie Jones. This lady is awesome. She is a hard worker. she doesn’t mind pitching in. She always receptive and ready to accommodate. There have been no complaints issues or concerns from Valerie’s work area on the campus. She is reliable and dependable. If we could clone Valerie, we would — she is an asset to our team!






BAAA Legislative Days

BAAA Legislative Days

The Bay Area Apartment Association (BAAA) currently represents 100,000 + units in the Tampa Bay Area. We are a non-profit trade association serving the interests of the rental housing industry.

These photos were taken at the Capital with Dwight Dudley while attending legislative days with the BAAA.


BOMA Tally Day

BOMA “Tally Day”

BOMA–Greater Tampa Bay is a non-profit premier business network that provides leading education, advances the advocacy interests of the commercial real estate industry, and recognizes the best practices of industry participants who have excelled.

Lashunda Mangum with the Florida Speaker of the House, Will Weatherford, during the legistlative trip to Tallahassee with BOMA Tampa Bay.

Indoor Air Quality at Work

Three Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution in Your Workplace

Indoor air pollution isn’t just a problem in your home; it also affects your workplace. According to the EPA, indoor air quality is two to five times greater than outside air. There are numerous factors that contribute to indoor air pollution. Different sources release gases and particles that can cause a myriad of health issues such as asthma attacks and allergies. Here are seven ways to reduce indoor air pollution in your workplace.

  1. Keep It Clean

The biggest contributors to indoor air pollution are dust mites, pollen, and outside debris. Get your office building cleaned at least once a week by a reputable cleaning service. If you can’t afford a full cleaning, at least get the carpets and floor cleaned a few times a week. The high traffic areas need the most attention as these carry the most debris. Have the cleaning staff check the air filters to ensure there is proper ventilation flowing through the building.

  1. Beware the Air

Stay away from air fresheners in your workplace. Studies show that standard air fresheners can emit up to 20 different toxins when sprayed. Find alternatives like all natural air fresheners with essential oils or placing potpourri in bathrooms.

  1. Breathe Easier

Having plants in your building is an effective way of cleansing pollutants from the air. Two beneficial ones that are easy to acquire in Florida are Palms and Ferns. Plants work together from root to leaf and absorb the chemical pollutants emitting from various sources. Don’t overwater them, though, as this can lead to increased humidity in the air.

The most important thing is to get your place of business cleaned regularly. It will cut down on the amount of pollution in the air and ensure the health of your staff. By having your office cleaned often, you are cutting down on the amount of allergy attacks or other sickness that could result from an unclean working environment.

Contact Immaculate Janitorial Services for a free estimate on your business today at (813) 506-4156.


Three Tips for Post-Holiday Cleaning

It’s a new year. It’s time to pack up those Christmas decorations and put your home back to normal. That means cleaning up after the relatives have finally gone. It can be a daunting task for many people. The more decorations you have, the more cleaning you have to do after you take them down. Just taking down the decorations is a big job, particularly if you are doing it by yourself. Here are three ways to make that job easier as you move forward in to the year ahead.

1. Do it in Stages

There is no need to rush in to the process of removing your decorations and tree. Choosing to do it all at once is a lot of pressure to put on you. Instead, choose to do a little bit each day. Clear out the living room decorations one day, and then work on another room the next day, and so on. This way the task isn’t as overwhelming as doing it all at one time. Leave the tree for last since that will take the longest. If you can, enlist the help of family or friends.

2. Clean as You Go

Clean up the room after you pack away the decorations. Vacuum/wipe the floors first, especially if you have pets. Animals tend to take things from the ground often. You don’t want your pet choking on any small part of the decorations that may have fallen off. After vacuuming, take a damp cloth and run it over the furniture to get rid of any dust or stains left behind after the holidays.

3. Call a Professional

Some of us just don’t have the time to clean the house after the holidays. It’s even harder to do when you have a family to take care of and work to do. Don’t be afraid to call a professional cleaning service to take care of your home for you. It’s what they do best and it will take the worry out of your hands.

Call Immaculate Janitorial Services if you need your home cleaned properly. The Queen of Clean takes pride in giving every home the pristine clean it deserves. If it’s dirty, we’ll make it pretty! Call today at (813) 506-4156.


We appreciate our clients and love when they tell their friends how pleased they are with our service. Now you can be rewarded for referring your friends to our business. Immaculate Janitorial Services is beginning our 2 for 20 Immaculate Referral Program.

For every 2 referrals you send us that turn in to clients, Immaculate will give you $20 off your next cleaning service.

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Five DIY Steps to Clean Your Office

Christmas season is here and there is one thing every owner of a business must deal with: the yearly office party. For bigger companies, this is a great time to hire a reputable cleaning service that will make your office shine. Hiring a cleaning service may be difficult for a small business. Sometimes the business owner may not be able to afford the expense of getting their small space cleaned. Here are five DIY steps to clean your office before the yearly office party. Read more

restaurant cleaning

Five Things Restaurant Owners Should Think Of When Hiring a Cleaning Service

One of the most important duties of a restaurant is to have a clean establishment. Not only is it is it good for guest satisfaction, it is also a requirement. Every restaurant is inspected monthly but the health board and the worst thing possible is to get any less than a B on your report. Particularly since most states require the restaurant owner to have the report in a visible place for guests to see. Read more

commercial cleaning

Finding The Right Commercial Cleaning Company For Your Business

First impressions are everything in a business, no matter what the industry. Having a clean building inspires a level of trust in the product or service you offer. That’s why finding the right commercial cleaning company for your business is so important. Not only is a clean interior aesthetically pleasing, the lack of dust and germs improves the air quality and ensures less sick days from your employees. Here are a few questions you should ask before spending money for a commercial cleaning company. Read more


Look Before You Buy: Five Toxic Cleaning Ingredients to Avoid

Ever wonder what the ingredients you read on the back of cleaning products really do? It’s hard to pick the safest cleaning products for your home. Here are five ingredients to look for, and avoid, when you go to the store.

  1. Chlorinated Phenols- this is often found in toilet bowl cleaners and is toxic to the respiratory and circulatory systems.
  2. Nonylphenol ethoxylate- banned in Europe, this common detergent is found in numerous laundry cleaners. Read more