Immaculate Janitorial Service offers you the number one apartment cleaning to prepare for the next resident. Immaculate Janitorial Service understands what is required for thorough  apartment cleanings to restore it to the original presentation. Don't have time to clean your property? Take advantage of your favorite Tampa Bay apartment move-out cleaning team. Immaculate Janitorial Service, at your service!

Move out cleanings include:
- Deep cleaning of kitchen and bathroom including interior of cabinets and drawers
- Cleaning and dusting baseboards
- Cleaning light fixture coverings by removing to wash, dry and replace
- Window sills, track and frame
- We clean the interior and exterior of appliances
-Clean blinds
-Clean windows
-Clean patios

If It's Dirty, we make it pretty. We don't cut corners, we clean them! Call Immaculate Janitorial Service today at (813) 506-4156.